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 Ghosts of Pasha began with the decades-long friendship of Milo Finch (Drums, Vocals, Keyboards, Guitar, Bass, Production) and Chris Partyka (Guitar, Vocals, Clarinet, Bass, Histrionics) and their preoccupation with DIY recording.

 After many years of being in bands of all kinds, touring or just home recording, Chris took a break from repeatedly hopping between different American cities and decided to set up shop with Milo in Vermont.

 The next step was well over 200 recorded songs, accidental fame, a few tours, and a large legacy of wildly varying musical aesthetics woven through with stories of travel, connections, fun, and, you know, flailing about as we all do.

Lineups and sounds of the band changed so much so quickly since the very beginning that the folks in GOP have never felt a need to make the same song twice, let alone the same DIY album.

 Covered in the Pasha catalog are space-rock, lo-fi 4 track and noise rock influences, to modern rock, jangle pop, power pop, woodwind-soaked basement humor, invented words and A celebration of life as art.

 Multiple hard drives full of archived video footage has captured 3 lead singers, near countless instruments and a revolving door band member policy, creating a listener experience that can make one want to check if they are still hearing the same band.

 Since its infamous beginnings, the group has toured the US, has performed/been interviewed on two television programs, has been featured in major magazines & news papers, in commercials on cable and network TV, on popular webisodes, on internet and conventional radio in the US, the UK, and France, mentioned in countless blogs and even name-checked on L.A. gossip websites. All this without management, distribution, funding, or help of a label, all with a rampant DIY philosophy, and all from their rural home base in Vermont.

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